Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

In Rock Hard, book two in the Sinners On Tour series by Olivia Cunning, we learn about the relationship that tore Sedric (Sed) Lionheart to shreds.  The one with Jessica Chase.

We learn about why they broke up in the first place, and how they came back together. 
Going out for Brian’s bachelor party, Sed see’s Jessica once again after two years of being apart.  His love for her never went away.  He tries to right his wrongs with Jessica, but Jessica won’t hear of it.  When she tries to confront him about it and to tell him to go to hell, she finds herself working for Myrna!  Sed and Jessica are in tight quarters, and Jessica has to see, AND hear what Sed has been up to.  Having none of it, she barges in right back into his life.

Rock Hard also gives us a glance at Trey, and the troubles he has to go through, as well as how the band comes together when others are in trouble.

I first read Rock Hard last year.  I was foolish enough to start it at ten o’clock at night, thinking I can read a few chapters before going to bed.  Nope!  I stayed up until 4AM reading the entire book!  This is one book that I like to come back to every nine months or so.  It is such a good read.

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