Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Fling, by Asrai Devin

This is about  Summer Fling, the second book in the Up In Flames book series by Asrai Devin.  The story is about the hot and sexy Kyle McLaughlin goes home for a two week sabbatical after him and his team won the Stanley Cup the previous season.  He knew that his parents had taken in a woman for a roommate, but little did Kyle know that this woman, Serena Miller, would be staying in his childhood room.

Summer Fling takes place in Bow Island, where Kyle grew up.  He goes there to relax for a little bit before he has to go back to Calgary (Cow-town according to Corey Porter) for the next NFL season.  He arrives to an empty house.  Thinking that everything is cool, he heads downstairs and dumps  his things in his old bedroom, only to find out that Serena had taken over.

The tension between Kyle and Serena is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.  He wants her, she wants him, but no way are they going to let it known.  It just takes one backyard party with some liquid courage to make Serena make the first move.

Living under the same roof, as well as volunteering to mentor young kids during the summer, their relationship takes off.  At first, they tell each other it is just about sex.  But, as the days and weeks go by, they both fall hard for each other.

Summer Fling started out as just that, a summer fling.  Kyle and Serena really bring home the message that you do not have to be in a relationship for very long to figure out if you have met the right person or not.  Sometimes, you just know, and that sometimes can take a matter of months.   The story with Kyle and Serena is a beautiful thing, reminding me about MY whirlwind relationship with my then boyfriend, who later became my finance three months later.

Did you ever have a Summer Fling?  Did you ever wish it kept up after the summer ended?  Tell us the name of your Summer Fling and if you wished it lasted!

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