Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Giveaway?

Do you like giveaways?  Well, Olivia Cunning is having one!  Head on over to the link below and read what's involved and enter!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Empty Net, Toni Aleo

Empty Net, Toni Aleo’s third installment in the Assassins series, we get to know Audrey Parker a little more.  We first read about her in the second book, Trying To Score as Fallon’s sister.  She gets in a fight with Levi, potentially breaking up for him.  She goes back to Fallon’s bachelorette party.  When she goes to the bar for something to drink, she meets a guy who literally knocks her socks off.  Little does she know that this guy, Tate Odder, plays the position of goalie for the Assassins.

They have a night filled with passion.  They part ways the next morning, but neither leaves each others’ minds.  They meet up at the reception of Lucas and Fallon’s wedding.  Tate tries for a possible round two in bed, and Audrey tries to brush him off.  They can’t stay away from each other too long….they are neighbors!

Tate tries to win her heart, but she is leery, with Levi and all.  Turns out that she can indeed have a good man in her life.  Just when things are going well, Levi shows his head again.  And…well…I’ll let you read the book to see what happens.

This book was great!  It took up all of my spare time.  And when it was done, my heart was full, and empty at the same time.  Just knowing what is coming up next in Blue Lines has me going slightly insane.  Toni Aleo is a GREAT writer!  I can’t wait to read more! 

Trying To Score, Toni Aleo

In Trying To Score, Toni Aleo’s second book in her Assassins series, Lucas Brooks tries to win the girl who owned his heart, Fallon Parker.  Lucas and Fallon dated when they were in their early 20’s.  They separated after Fallon caught Lucas in a compromised position.

Fast forward seven years to Nashville.  Lucas has just now been traded to the Assassins, and Fallon works closely with the same team with her family’s wine company.  Lucas tries to bump into Fallon, and Fallon tries to stay away from Lucas.  It doesn’t turn out like she wanted.

With Lucas trying to win back Fallon, he finds out a secret that she kept from him this whole time, a kid.  They both work together to give the kid the best life ever.  With them in such close proximity, it was bound to happen; a kiss here, a touch there.

I was immediately drawn into the story.  I really liked it when I read that Shea and Elli were still in the story.  However, I thought it was surprising that one of Harper’s sisters weren’t the main character in the second book since we heard a lot about them in the first.  Turns out they will have their turn in the fourth book, Blue Lines.

This story of second chances is a great read.  I’ve enjoyed both books so far, and can’t wait to read the third book in the series, Empty Net.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

In Rock Hard, book two in the Sinners On Tour series by Olivia Cunning, we learn about the relationship that tore Sedric (Sed) Lionheart to shreds.  The one with Jessica Chase.

We learn about why they broke up in the first place, and how they came back together. 
Going out for Brian’s bachelor party, Sed see’s Jessica once again after two years of being apart.  His love for her never went away.  He tries to right his wrongs with Jessica, but Jessica won’t hear of it.  When she tries to confront him about it and to tell him to go to hell, she finds herself working for Myrna!  Sed and Jessica are in tight quarters, and Jessica has to see, AND hear what Sed has been up to.  Having none of it, she barges in right back into his life.

Rock Hard also gives us a glance at Trey, and the troubles he has to go through, as well as how the band comes together when others are in trouble.

I first read Rock Hard last year.  I was foolish enough to start it at ten o’clock at night, thinking I can read a few chapters before going to bed.  Nope!  I stayed up until 4AM reading the entire book!  This is one book that I like to come back to every nine months or so.  It is such a good read.

Taking Shots by Toni Aleo

Possession of the puck, or possession of the heart?

In Toni Aleo’s first book in the Assassins series, Taking Shots, she takes us on ride through the relationship between Eleanor (Elli) Fisher and Shea Adler.

The Nashville Assassins are having their photos taken by the popular and talented Elli Fisher.  When it comes to Shea’s turn in front of the camera, he is taken away by the color of Elli’s eyes.  He knew he had to have her.

Shea falls for her and falls for her hard.  Elli, having doubts about why Shea is dating her, is trying to understand it, and Shea is determined to make her love him the way he loves her.

Taking Shots leads us through the exciting love story using Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, hockey, and good ol’ fashion wooing.

I started this book at 6:30am on a Monday morning.  I couldn’t put it down!  Literally!  Once the older kids were out the door for school, the cartoons came on for the 3 year old and I read, and read, and read.  Only stopping to make lunch, dinner, and go to parent night at school.  I finished this book at midnight.  MIDNIGHT!  I’m paying for the reading now (there isn’t enough coffee in the world this morning), but I am excited to purchase the next book in the series, Trying to Score.  However, I do not think the family may like it too much…….

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

In Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning, we find Myrna Evans exhausted after a day of speaking at conferences for her….job.  Wanting to get away from it all, she can’t help but hear a rowdy bunch of guys in the hotel’s bar having drinks and having fun.  As she listens to them, she finds out that the five guys are a part of a rock band that she is a big fan of, Sinners.

While on tour, the guys from the rock group Sinners decide to stay in the hotel instead of the tour bus, and then proceed to have a drink or ten at the hotel’s bar.  Brian Sinclair, drinks more than the others, trying to forget the latest girlfriend who slept around, who happened to sleep with the groups lead singer, Sed.

Instead of going to her room, Myrna finds the strength to walk over to them to say hi, and if she could hang for a while.  She thinks all the guys in the group are hot, but she really has the hots for Brian.
Brian finds the will to go to Myrna’s hotel room after a bit and what do you know, he forgets all about the last girlfriend and finds himself writing music with Myrna.  They have a couple of days of hot sex before Myrna has to go back to work.

Turns out, Brian missed Myrna like crazy, and Myrna tries to forget Brian.  Doesn’t work out very well.  Brian flies Myrna half way across the country to be with each other.  Turns out that Myrna can stay longer than just a weekend.

Backstage Pass takes us on tour with the guys, while Myrna tags along, studying the female groupies.
I’ve read this book probably five times.  Never gets old.  The story…fantastic.  The sex….outstanding.  I’ve fallen in love with the whole band.  I can’t wait to read more!

In the Sinner on Tour series, Rock Hard is next and is already out.  The next book to be released, Double Time (Trey’s book), will be released November 6th.  In February, we are expecting Jace’s book, Hot Ticket, to be released.  Eric’s book, Snared, is rumored to be released next fall.  And I can’t wait for Eric’s book!