Sunday, September 2, 2012

Complications Over Coffee, by Asrai Devin

In Complications Over Coffee, Asrai Devin’s third book in the Up In Flames series, hockey player Corey Porter finds himself in a situation that nobody ever wants to be in.  And he finds help in the beautiful Nicole Wilkes.
Nichole Wilkes is in the middle of a divorce from her cheating husband, who is making life difficult for her.  In the agreement with her soon to be ex-husband, Nicole gets to keep the house, but she needs to find a job in order to pay for the mortgage.
Corey Porter, while on the road, finds himself homeless when his apartment burns down.  And while watching Kip and Mandy’s kid, Colton, he is introduced to Nicole at a playground after school.  They get to talking and there you go, Corey finds a place to live, in Nicole’s basement.
Of course the attraction is there.  Nicole doesn’t want a relationship as her divorce is still fresh, and Cory is a player.  They both strike up a deal for it to be strictly sex for the time being when living with each other. 
In Complications Over Coffee, the sex is always phenomenal.  And that we get a peak at what is going on with Kip and Mandy, the original couple from the first book in the series!  This book is a great read!
Ever have a coffee date with a guy that you thought was hot?  What did you have to drink?

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