Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trying To Score, Toni Aleo

In Trying To Score, Toni Aleo’s second book in her Assassins series, Lucas Brooks tries to win the girl who owned his heart, Fallon Parker.  Lucas and Fallon dated when they were in their early 20’s.  They separated after Fallon caught Lucas in a compromised position.

Fast forward seven years to Nashville.  Lucas has just now been traded to the Assassins, and Fallon works closely with the same team with her family’s wine company.  Lucas tries to bump into Fallon, and Fallon tries to stay away from Lucas.  It doesn’t turn out like she wanted.

With Lucas trying to win back Fallon, he finds out a secret that she kept from him this whole time, a kid.  They both work together to give the kid the best life ever.  With them in such close proximity, it was bound to happen; a kiss here, a touch there.

I was immediately drawn into the story.  I really liked it when I read that Shea and Elli were still in the story.  However, I thought it was surprising that one of Harper’s sisters weren’t the main character in the second book since we heard a lot about them in the first.  Turns out they will have their turn in the fourth book, Blue Lines.

This story of second chances is a great read.  I’ve enjoyed both books so far, and can’t wait to read the third book in the series, Empty Net.

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