Thursday, October 4, 2012

Empty Net, Toni Aleo

Empty Net, Toni Aleo’s third installment in the Assassins series, we get to know Audrey Parker a little more.  We first read about her in the second book, Trying To Score as Fallon’s sister.  She gets in a fight with Levi, potentially breaking up for him.  She goes back to Fallon’s bachelorette party.  When she goes to the bar for something to drink, she meets a guy who literally knocks her socks off.  Little does she know that this guy, Tate Odder, plays the position of goalie for the Assassins.

They have a night filled with passion.  They part ways the next morning, but neither leaves each others’ minds.  They meet up at the reception of Lucas and Fallon’s wedding.  Tate tries for a possible round two in bed, and Audrey tries to brush him off.  They can’t stay away from each other too long….they are neighbors!

Tate tries to win her heart, but she is leery, with Levi and all.  Turns out that she can indeed have a good man in her life.  Just when things are going well, Levi shows his head again.  And…well…I’ll let you read the book to see what happens.

This book was great!  It took up all of my spare time.  And when it was done, my heart was full, and empty at the same time.  Just knowing what is coming up next in Blue Lines has me going slightly insane.  Toni Aleo is a GREAT writer!  I can’t wait to read more! 

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